Did You Get a New Computer for Christmas?

If Santa brought your family a new computer for Christmas and you would like to move your photos and data from the old PC to the new PC, give me a call and I will get it all moved for you. I can move it directly from one computer to the other – make a back-up CD or DVD of all your files – or do both. If the old PC is not running, chances are I can retrieve your irreplaceable data from it’s hard drive and save it to your new PC.

A good use for your old PC is to refurbish it into a PC for the kids to use. If your children are like mine, the computer they use gets loaded with viruses and spyware regularly. My solution to that is to get rid of Windows and use a different operating system. My personal favorites are Ubuntu or Linux Mint.

Both are “distributions” of Linux – an entirely different operating system that is not susceptible to infections from mal-ware and viruses written to infect Windows machines. Best of all, these operating systems are “open source”, meaning that they are free of charge and are maintained by teams of volunteer programmers from around the world

Using these non-Microsoft products is a bit different from Windows and  has a bit of a learning curve. The huge bonus, in my eyes, is the abundance of of “open source” software that is free of charge. Games, Educational Software, Graphics Software for photo editing, Office Programs, Scientific Software.. you name it and there is free software available for download – right from the “Software Center” built into Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Hundreds of thousands of users world wide run operating systems other than Windows, you can too.

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