Scams, Spams and Phishing for Your Money

The latest threat for the home computer user is on the telephone. Many people have received a phone call “out of the blue” claiming to be from Microsoft or another authoritative technology company. They will tell you that a virus has been detected on your computer, or that they have detected a vulnerability and ask you to press a combination of keys.

Refuse! – these scammers are trying to gain remote access to your computer to try and fool you into paying for a bogus “remote repair”. Microsoft does not have access to your computer and does not contact Windows users with offers of service. No other technology company does either. If you did not initiate a request for service – RUN don’t walk away from that phone call.

Install a good anti-virus program and use it regularly to scan your computer. Don’t click on ANY pop-up windows that appear while you are on the internet, claiming your computer is infected and offering to scan it and remove the “viruses” unless it is from the anti-virus program you have installed on your computer.

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