The End of XP

Microsoft is ending XP support (updates, hotfixes and patches) on April 14th, 2014. Now is the time to consider what to do. Some computers running XP can run Windows 7, but they might need some upgrades to run it efficiently. The minimum specifications I would suggest for an upgrade to Windows 7 would be a dual core processor (Pentium D or Core2 Duo) with a minimum of 2 Gb of RAM – 4 Gb would be much better.

Older machines will need to be upgraded; either with a refurbished computer or a new computer. Depending on what you use the computer to do, a off lease “business class” computer that has been refurbished will work just fine for the majority of people for internet use and word processing.

A new off the shelf computer will do just fine for those tasks too, but you should be aware that Microsoft is currently shipping Windows 8. While Windows 8 is a decent operating system, it is a completely different “look” than Windows had up to Windows 7. There is no start button or programs menu, which can be confusing and make the transition more difficult. There are some 3rd party programs that add back the Start button and Programs Menu to Windows 8.

If you do decide to go with a new computer, I would be happy to help you get your documents and photos transferred to your new computer. I can also check your old computer out and upgrade it if that is practical.

If you wish to purchase a refurbished computer I would suggest buying a business class machine. Because they lease them with a “on site” service contract, business computers tend to have more durable hardware than a consumer grade machine.

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