Computer Malware has Entered a New Phase

The latest malware scam (known as ransom ware) in the repair trade is called “CryptoLocker”. Once it is installed on your computer it proceeds to encrypt your documents and files, then tells you to pay a $300.00 fee for the password to unencrypt your files.

Some businesses have been forced to pay the ransom to recover their data. All attached hard drives are effected by this ransomware – so all the backups on external drives and servers that are online at the time of the infection are encrypted too.

The best solution is prevention. I would suggest that backups of your valuable data be made to an external device (external hard drive, USB drive, CD/DVD drive, etc) that is disconnected or removed after the backup is completed.

If you are running Vista or Windows 7 or 8, it is possible to recover data with some work – bypassing the encrypted files using the “shadow copy” – provided “shadow copy” is enabled on your computer. Windows XP and prior operating systems..the news is not good if you have not made protected backups.

Take steps to protect yourself from the scammers..back up your irreplaceable pictures, documents and data now, before it is too late.

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