About Cass County Computer Repair

I am Lon Nicholson, the owner of Cass County Computer Repair near Wabash Nebraska. Elmwood, Murdock and Weeping Water NE form a triangle and Wabash is near the center of that triangle.

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Lon - Cass County Computer Repair's Owner

I am in my early 50’s and have been working on computers for family, friends and neighbors since 1998. I purchased my first computer to be able to  do some desktop publishing – and my love for PC’s was born. Desktop publishing got me interested in computer aided graphics design and photo editing. I taught myself about software repairs and data recovery out of necessity.

I began to venture into the World Wide Web and became interested in making websites – and another love was born – authoring websites and web graphics.

In late 2011 I made the decision to open my own computer shop. I had worked for over a year in another computer repair shop as the computer technician and webmaster. After I severed that relationship, the decision to open my own shop was made because computers just kept showing at my front door, with a request to repair them.

I am currently studying for a CompTIA  A+ certificate in Computer Technology, to be followed with a CompTIA Networking certificate.

I have lived in this area of Cass County Nebraska for my whole life, and intend to remain here for the rest of it. It is my intention to build a business reputation for competent and friendly service – and become known as “THE Place to take your computer”. I will do my best to meet my customers needs for computer services. My reputation for integrity is this businesses most valued asset.

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