We can do anything from building you a complete custom computer – to upgrading your old computer for better performance. I will advise you as I would like to be advised. There are some times when it just is not worth upgrading an old computer. In other circumstances upgrading your existing computer can be a lot more affordable, it all depends on the computer and your performance expectations for your computer.

A complete custom computer can be tailored to your needs from simple web surfing – to a deluxe gaming machine – to a business machine that runs the latest CAD/CAM software for your manufacturing business.

We can also purchase pre-built computers to suit your needs, often at a lower price than the “big box” stores.

Your existing PC can be upgraded with a larger hard drive for more document storage. It can have RAM (Random Access Memory) added to speed up your PC and make it more capable of handing today’s media intensive web content and memory intensive software. If your current computer is completely dead, we can replace the main circuit board (motherboard) or anything else needed to get you up and running again.

We can recover data from most dead PC’s and either transfer it to a new computer, or to your newly restored PC. PLEASE, have us recover your data before you attempt to reinstall Windows, so the data is not overwritten. I can often recover data that has been overwritten or deleted, but that is a much more labor intensive job than simply saving data from a dead computer. If one of the “big box stores” re-installed Windows on your computer and destroyed your files, bring it to me before you start it again. There is a fair chance that I can recover some or all of your lost documents and photos. If I am unable to help you at all, the service will be free of charge.

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