Pricing and Repair Requirements

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This is a list of what we will need to do repairs on software problems (virus and malware infections) on your PC.

  • Personal information, name, address, phone number, etc
  • Computer password or passwords if there is more than one user account.
  • Computer symptoms
  • For laptop computers we will need the power supply and cord.
  • A list of data that will need to be saved if the virus infection necessitates re-installation of the operating system. (Photos, documents, program information concerning programs that store data in special folders {Money management programs, scanner software like VisionPort etc, Email clients that you use; like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird}).
  • Original operating system software CD’s or DVD’s.
  • CD’s of other programs¬† installed on your computer that you will want us to re-install for you if a complete re-installation of the operating system is needed..
  • License keys for your software. I would suggest that you download and use a program called BelArc Adviser to create a “profile” of your PC. BelArc makes a list of the most commonly used software’s license keys – and an inventory of all of the hardware inside your computer.
  • We would suggest that you keep a written list of user names and passwords for websites that you have your computer remember for you – to prevent their loss.

If you do not have the original software, it IS still possible to do the repair work, just more time consuming.

CCCR accepts payments by cash, check, and credit/debit card.

There is a standard $30.00 diagnostic fee to determine what is wrong with your computer and to allow me to make an intelligent recommendation about repairs needed. The diagnostic fee will be waived if I perform the repair for you. My bench labor rate is $60.00 an hour. I only charge for the actual time that I am interacting with the computer; NOT for the time that scans and data transfer are proceeding without requiring input from me.

An “average” virus removal will take about 90 minutes to 2 hours of bench time. Heavily infected computers that will not run require removal of the hard drive for an external scan. After the hard drive is re-installed more scans are run to ensure complete removal of the infected files. At some point it becomes more economical to save your data and simply re-install the operating system.

I make every effort to preserve your data; treating it as if it were my own. Before doing any work that could compromise your data, I will back it up to another drive. That is why I ask for all of the information concerning which programs you use. Normally documents and photos are stored in your “My Documents” folder.

Some specialized programs store data in other files specifically for that program. The most common are money management programs, PC Games, scanners, email “clients” like Outlook and Thunderbird and specialized CAD and Graphics programs, as well as many other specialized applications. I ask all of the questions that seem to have nothing to do with repairing your PC for a reason – to save your irreplaceable data.

Our shop rate is less than what is charged by the “big box” stores, and unlike them, I will make every effort to save you money. I will not try to sell you another computer unless that is the only practical way to achieve the performance that you require from your computer- or a different computer is the cheapest solution to the problems you are having.

I work from my home. This saves both of us money by lowering the shop’s operating expenses.

Give Cass County Computer Repair a try, we are prompt, polite and professional; with a small town friendly attitude. We will make every effort to get you out the door satisfied with our work and the savings in your pocketbook.

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