Software Suggestions

We suggest software that is available at no cost to you. Why pay good money for software when there is a free alternative that works just as well?

Avast – Free Antivirus is my personal favorite. The only caution I have for you is the “boot time scan” that scans Windows files before Windows loads works well, but it is also possible to break your computer with it if you are not fairly computer savvy. I would suggest that you just do standard scans with this product.

AVG – Free Antivirus is another good program, but slightly less capable than Avast, in *my* opinion anyway. AVG is undoubtedly safer for those of you that don’t know your way around the guts of your computers file system and operating system.

MalwareBytes A pretty darned good anti-malware program that I suggest you use to keep the malware in check on your PC. If you frequent game sites and Facebook, malware infections are pretty common. I run MalwareBytes on my computers regularly – before I run anti-virus scans.

Advanced Disk Cleaner This is a very safe program from Innovative Solutions for everyone to use to help keep the pesky temporary files off of their PC. Excessive “temp” files will slow down your computer – adding to the aggrevation of everyday life.

PC Tools Firewall A very good firewall to keep rogue programs from connecting to the internet using your computer. Windows does include a firewall since XP was introduced, but it only protects from incoming connections, it does nothing about outgoing connections.

Web Browsers

Firefox Firefox is my preferred web browser. Most malware and browser hijackers are written to attack Internet Explorer, simply because IE comprises the majority of web browsers. Firefox has many “add ons” available to extend Firefox’s capabilities and enhance it’s appearance.

Opera Opera is another good web browser that is more resistant to browser hijackers, simply because most people use Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome Chrome is another web browser. This one is particularly fast and lightweight – making for a faster websurfing experience.

Operating Systems

Everyone is familiar with the Windows operating system. There are cheaper alternatives that work just as well as Windows.

Ubuntu Operating System If you are seeking an alternative to Windows that is far more resistant to viruses and is easy to use, I suggest that you take a peek at Ubuntu. The best part is that Ubuntu is open source software and is completely free of charge. It is a bit more “geeky” to use, but Ubuntu is the easiest of the Linux “distributions” for the end user, in my opinion. Ubuntu comes with a built in “Software Center” with TONS of free programs for you to download, install and use. You can even give Ubuntu a try right from a CD, without disturbing your current Windows operating system. Or, if you prefer, Ubuntu can be set up to “Dual Boot” with Windows, giving you a choice of 2 operating systems on one computer.
Disk Wiping

DBAN wipes drives beyond the specifications given by the Department of Defense for disposal of intact DoD hard drives.
I “wipe” all drives that come into my shop for recycling. If you wish to destroy ALL data on your old hard drive before donating or recycling – Go to DBAN to download the program to run it yourself. DO NOT unzip the file, use your CD burner to burn it as an .iso file. Be SURE you have saved everything you want off of the old computer’s hard drive. Put the DBAN CD in the CD drive of the computer you wish to wipe and reboot your computer. If your computer is set correctly to boot from a CD, it will ask you to “Press any key to boot from CD”. Press any key and DBAN will completely wipe your drive beyond any chance of recovering data from it.


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