Windows 10 “upgrade”?


Given the problems my customers have incurred after “upgrading” to Windows 10 – I will strongly suggest that Windows 10 be avoided for the foreseeable future. 10 may end up being a wonderful operating system; currently it is a bug infested mess.

I should love Windows 10 to the point of writing Microsoft a thank you note for the huge increase in work they have provided me.

Windows 7 will be supported through 2020, which hopefully will be enough time for Microsoft to sort out the issues with Windows 10.

Feel free to give me a call if you are having difficulties. I can help to resolve your problem: from removing the Windows 10 nagware – to sorting out hardware and software issues – to rolling your computer back to a previous version of Windows.


Windows XP Updates and Support Ends April 8th 2014

You may not be aware that Microsoft’s Windows XP support is scheduled to end on April 8th, 2014. Your computer using XP will continue to function. Microsoft will be releasing no more updates, patches or hotfixes for the machine, rendering it vulnerable over time as new security vulnerabilities are found and exploited. XP was released in 2002 – there are more secure Operating Systems now available,

Most of my customers prefer the familiarity of operation found in Windows 7 – and struggle with Windows 8’s radically different user interface. Windows 7 is still available to upgrade your current computer. (Most computers built in the last 5-6 years are capable of running Windows 7.)

You can call me at 402-525-3799 to ask me to determine if your computer will run Windows 7, and if any hardware upgrades are needed to run Windows 7 efficiently.

If you choose to continue to run Windows XP for a while longer, I would strongly urge you to have a current working anti-virus program on it. I also suggest keeping all ancillary programs such as Java, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Itunes and so forth updated to their newest versions to try and avoid unnecessary vulnerabilities minimized.