Malicious Software and Pintrest

Reports are starting to come in concerning viral and malware infections contracted by those using the “Pintrest” website. When you “Pin” something up, others are encouraged to to click it too to “pin” it up also. The “pinned” web content may be completely harmless when it is first pinned for others to see.

Given the huge growth Pintrest is experiencing, it is a “ripe fruit” for those distributing malicious software to use to their advantage. There have been multiple reports of malware infections contracted by people visiting the site “pinned” and clicking on an “irresistible” offer. Offers of “free gift cards”, “Win a PS3″ and others are “served up” by adservers to websites, so the owner of the site can make a few pennies on every ad that is clicked.

The problem; poor screening of the ads practically invites distributors of malicious software to insert malicious code into the ads “served up” to be clicked upon.

The simple solution: Remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch. DON’T click on “free” offers. If there is bait in the water, chances are it will have a hook in it.

The reported infections are sailing right past McAffee’s protection, and other anti-virus programs may have vulnerability to this malicious software too. Until virus definitions are updated, an anti-virus program cannot stop the virus, simply because it does not know what to look for.

Website Design and Hosting


Another of my services is the design and development of an attractive web presence for your business or organization. I have been doing website design and development for several years. I have very competitive pricing.

To grab the attention of prospective customers and get them in your door all businesses need to have their place in the “modern yellow pages” – The Internet. Over 1/2 of all prospective customers search for deals and reviews on the internet prior to making contact with a company to make a purchase of goods or services.

Another benefit of having a website for your business is having an email account branded with your companies name. Wouldn’t you rather have your potential customers email you at a email address with your companies branding? exudes  a far more professional image than emailing “” ever will.

We can make anything from a simple web-page to let new customers know that your business exists, give your business  a message board or a blogsite to promote customer confidence and interaction, or design and implement an online sales site – complete with a online shopping cart so your customers can purchase goods or services offered by you without leaving their home.

We also offer affordable website hosting, website (domain) name registration, and services to maintain your site – complete with email addresses that incorporate your website’s address (

I have quite a bit of experience in S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) to bring your website up in the page placement results (search rankings) from search engines. Google is a huge search engine used by the majority of online users today. Many people use the internet to search out businesses before they ever visit a brick and mortar store, make your business stand out in the search results to drive customers to YOU.

Currently this website is ranking 3rd to 8th place on the FIRST page of Google search results on some keyword searches for local computer repair businesses. The same keyword searches on Bing and Yahoo give 1st place results on the FIRST page. NO keywords were purchased and no advertisements placed. Wouldn’t you like to have this kind of results from your companies website?

You can boost your site’s placement in search results by buying “adwords” from Google, or you can choose to SEO your site for higher placement in search results. If you are very serious, you can do both to boost your business’ visibility.